Sometimes I'll get into some new hobby and look up books on the subject and there's always some official-looking British tome written by like the "Queen's Royally Appointed Third Ombudsman of the Rock-Skipping Pass-time" and those books invariably blow.

Now that we have Beyond Meat I want Beyond Plants... let me taste a carrot that has never photosynthesized...

*Beleaguered housewife voice* All day long it's "executive DIS function!" and "executive DAT function!" Well who's gonna executive MY function???

You can just be sitting around minding your own business and some animator will jump out from around a corner like "Check out my COOL New Racist Drawing!!!"

To elaborate: American cartoons lately are really into doing the "anime parody segment" (animaniacs, steven universe, spiderverse) and... idk. It's tacky at best, but also usually kinda racist. Like this enemy guy just looks like WW2 propoganda:

Image from the Animaniacs reboot that evokes historical racist depictions of East Asians Close-up of a rabbit-like human with huge buckteeth, angular features, big glasses, and an upturned nose.

I have a hard time throwing away the original packaging for nice electronics and stuff because it looks so pretty and is molded to the objects in a satisfying Amigara Fault kind of way.

This random absurdist joke I drew in ~2012 now strikes me as a prescient commentary on influencers and family vlogging LOL

Comic where a wife walks in on a man doing product placement for an aftershave product in their bathroom and storms out angrily