LOL twitter I literally just solved this but way better it's called flotsam not fleets!!

Figured out a complicated Unity thingy without just making Melos do it please clap

Immediately afterward, I did a merge conflict please boo

I watched a film last night about fist-fighting capitalism (Beautiful New Bay Area Project) and then I went to sleep and dreamed that I was fist-fighting capitalists!

new yorker cartoon

[ink drawing of desert oasis mirage] "ahh, the original thirst trap"

hagar the horrible cartoon

[helga strolls by the pub with a friend. she rolls her eyes and jerks a thumb at the assortment of drunken viking men inside] "ahh, the original thirst trap"

garfield cartoon

[a small bird alights upon a birdbath. garfield sneaks up with a mischevious grin and licks his lips] "ahh, the original thirst trap"

Wait this is a funnier way of writing the one from yesterday maybe:

H our T: Heal our Testosterone

Can't stop thinking about the dorky/wrong way the cyberpunk guy described "sacrum" and "profanum"