Now that I've made a better social media system than Twitter, Jack Dorsey has to give me all his money.

A cool thing about YouTube Music is that on artist pages you will often see an excerpt from an interview with the artist. You can click "more" to read more of the interview but then it abruptly cuts off again later, and there is no link to the full article, citation, or credit anywhere in sight. Really neat! Definitely not annoying and wrong!

screenshot of an offending youtube music profile for Florence and the Machine

Have I ever written a metaphor that *doesn't* involve eggs?

The true reason I made Zonelets was to restore honor to the unfairly maligned CSS "border-style: ridge"

screenshot of the corner of, showing the beveled gray ridge borders

me: is it easy to clean your fan blades, or fucking impossible?

my humidifier: fucking impossible :)

( alex && || hamilton )

birdo is a magby