Marina's Flotsam

Sometimes on Twitter, people will post screenshots of their "drafts" folder. These are tweets that they typed out but then decided not to post, e.g. bad jokes, spicy opinions, indecipherable forgotten tidbits, or tweets that felt off-brand or incompatible with the zeitgeist. When these half-formed thoughts are published as a little digest, they take on a sort of object-hood that makes them fun to read and to think about as a behind-the-scenes chronicle of a person's brain and their relationship to social media.

But... what if there were a Twitter that was ALL "drafts screenshots"? And what if wasn't a Twitter, and the drafts were never typed into Twitter? That's the idea behind this flotsam subzone! When I think of things that I want to post, I will write them down here. At arbitrary points, I will publish them and then start a new post! That's the idea, anyway. Hope it's fun!